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In Him We Move Creative Dance In Worship





Author Janet Randell ISBN No. 1-900507-83-8

Janet Randell has been a pioneer in the field of dance and worship since the early seventies in the UK and worldwide. She has researched extensively into liturgical and Christian dance in her postgraduate work. This book explores the historical and theological inspiration behind dance and includes practical exercises for individuals and groups, including those in wheelchairs.

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An inspiring case for dance and movement to be restored in worship and celebration alongside singing and praying. The author explores the historical, theological and biblical inspiration behind modern dances used in worship and provides practical exercises for individuals, groups and whole congregations.

There is something for everybody in this book, whether you are a total beginner, teacher, student or a trained dancer, wheelchair user, or have sight/learning difficulties. It is geared for individuals as well as groups, those working in the community and also for congregations of all Christian denominations. Janet Randell has drawn on her years of expertise as an international choreographer, lecturer, researcher, teacher, writer, founder and artistic director of The Cedar Dance Theatre Company and The Cedar Dance in Worship Group. The author has set out practical exercises and creative improvisations, encouraging and inspiring the reader to explore their own way of  expressing worship through movement, as well as providing a relaxed approach to understanding the steps of the dances that have been choreographed to suit all tastes and abilities.

There are twenty-five challenging dances based around the traditional Christian calendar, with accompanying biblical material for group and community work, based on themes for worship and reflection. There is a well-researched exploration of the historical, theological and biblical inspiration behind the use of dance in religion and the association of dance with periods of celebration and renewal. All dancers and aspiring movers will reap the benefit of this meticulously honed and creative book that reflects Janet Randell’s strong personal faith, and like much of her work, conveys a depth of expression rare in modern dance today.

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In Him We Move Vol 2: Manual of Creative Dances for Worship





Author Janet Randell With digital teaching material, live and animated dances. Publishing date to be confirmed

The manual consists of a fully choreographed collection of 25 dances, designed to accommodate all levels of ability, from beginners to professionals.

Review : Themelios (Spring 2001) by Sarah B Savage, Cambridge.

“Volumes 1 and 2 of In Him We Move represent what is likely to be the most comprehensive practical guidance for dance in worship to date, based on the author’s immense experience as a freelance choreographer and director of the Cedar Dance Theatre Company. Volume 1, reviewed here, opens with some biblical background to dance in worship. Next in the first chapter is a historical survey of dancing in church, packed with information one is unlikely to come across in other historical surveys of liturgical dance. Important issues are raised in seed form: the relationship of the spiritual to the physical, the effect of neo-platonic dualism on the theology of the early church and its effect on our attitudes to the human body.

The second chapter gives practical advice on getting people moving in worship. Sensible warm-up exercises, complete with biblical imagery, are given for beginners. The basics of dance technique are presented with clear diagrams geared to the non-dancer, although these will be most fruitful in the hands of those with some prior dance training. Ideas for tailoring movement to people in wheelchairs or with other disabilities bring a truly inclusive dimension to this volume on dance in worship. The message of the book is clear: everyone can use their body in worship. The message is backed up with practical and scholarly advice for producing already choreographed dances on major Christian themes, along with preparatory improvisations. The choreography is geared to a range of levels of dance experience: beginners, intermediate, advanced, and those with special needs. Notes are given on the music for the dance, the spiritual and biblical inspiration behind the dance is described, and even a historical background for the various dance steps is provided. Those who want to go on to produce these dances will need to purchase Volume two: Manual of Creative Dances for Worship, with its clear diagrams and unique dance notation system for 25 dances on major Christian themes choreographed by Janet Randell.

In Volume 1, the generous array of photographs of the Cedar dances will inspire the reader with their simplicity and purity of line. These images give a sense of the timeless aesthetic of Cedar dances.

The two volumes provide almost everything that a person needs to get started in dance in worship at beginners level and are intended to be a springboard for development using this theological and spiritually inspirational choreography.”