Pushing the Boundaries of Dance and Animation

The Cedar Dance Theatre Company, founded in London, is one of the UK’s longest established contemporary dance companies. Together with its sister company Cedar Dance Animations, and under the artistic, creative and choreographic directorship of Janet Randell, Cedar Dance continues to delight and challenge audiences with original and stunning projects and productions in live dance, film, digital and animated dance.

Dance Movies

A compilation of movie extracts selected from Passing Moments, a contemporary dance film, choreographed and directed recently by Janet Randell. Performed by The Cedar Dance Theatre Company. Venue: Theatre Severn, Shropshire, UK.

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3D Digital Dance Animations

A compilation of extracts from Janet Randell’s 3D animations, representing the diversity of her digital choreography. Titles of animations in order of appearance: Dancing Forms For Eight, Barcarolle, Tango Fire, Parallel Asides, Etudes, Dream Fantasy, Figure Study, Hurdle Jump.

3D animation and modelling rendered in Maya, Lightwave and DanceForms.

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Multi-Media Dance

Choreography and animation by Janet Randell. Extract from Ascending and Descending, combining animation and live dance. The animation morphs from an ephemeral spirit figure to a more earthly animated character, and then to a live dancer. There are images of the angel’s journey between heaven and earth in Jacob’s dream, echoed in the theme of angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man from the Gospel of John.

3D animation and modelling rendered in Maya. Live dance performed by The Cedar Dance Theatre Company.

Rehearsal Footage

Rehearsals of new scenes from Passing Moments, created and choreographed by Janet Randell, 2011. Performed by dancers from The Cedar Dance Theatre Company.