About Janet Randall

Janet Randell, BA (Hons), AISTD, international choreographer, digital dance animator, teacher, lecturer, author, researcher and musician, is the Founder and Artistic Director of The Cedar Dance Theatre Company and Cedar Dance Animations Ltd.

Randell is continuing to explore her choreography, pushing the boundaries of creative dance in live performance, animation and film. The integration of live dance with 3D animation, motion technology and film, provides a new and innovative platform for her artistic expression.

Randell’s choreography, with an eclectic range of styles from the uplifting and dramatic to the abstract and humorous, conveys a rare depth of expression, and over the years has been highly acclaimed by the critics.

Her dynamic repertoire continues to challenge audiences with dances of breathtaking beauty, originality, quality and musicality, where spiritual and social issues are confronted head on.

Most recently Randell has been choreographing and directing independent dance film productions for Cedar. Venues include the Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, London and Theatre Severn, Shropshire.

In addition to her choreography, dance animation, film and theatre dance work, Randell is also actively researching and developing digital dance for education. She is producing a new major digital resource for dancers, choreographers, teachers and lecturers called The Tutorial Guide to DanceForms, which will soon be released.